Homezpo: Promises a better home-selling experience

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Homezpo: Promises a better home-selling experience

Thinking of selling your home? While every home selling experience is different, if you’ve ever sold a home, you know how stressful it can be. You have to put the home on the market, and keep the home show-ready, which is easier said than done. Then, you need to hurry out for last-minute showings, so strangers could come in and walk through your home. Get an offer. Counteroffer. Worry about the deal falling apart. It’s a hassle and time-consuming.

OfferPad is the easiest and smartest way to sell your home. Why? They buy the home directly from you, at their top price, letting you skip months of stress and uncertainty. You pick the day you move, so getting your home sold couldn’t be easier.

With its launch in 2015, OfferPad’s founders, Brian Bair, and Jerry Coleman, leveraged decades of real estate experience to OfferPad to create a solution that streamlines the entire selling process by eliminating the hassle and uncertainty of selling a home. “We’ve optimized the customer experience without losing the personal touch required when people are putting their largest asset up for sale,” said Bair. “We want to provide incredible customer service and the best purchase price to give homeowners confidence in our intent to offer a fair alternative to traditional home selling.”

OfferPad believes the homeowners time and convenience has value. That is why they promise to give you the ultimate home selling experience. With OfferPad’s Dream Move promise, you get a personalized experience custom-built for you, giving you the freedom to move on the moment you’re ready. What you get is just as important as what you get to skip.

Selling to OfferPad, You Get:

  • Convenience. Control. Freedom.
  • Flex close option – move out up to 3 days after closing
  • Dedicated support through the entire process
  • To pick the date you close and move

With OfferPad, You Skip:

  • Putting your house on the market altogether
  • Inconvenient last-minute showings
  • Keeping your home ‘show ready’ at all times
  • Stress, hassle, and inconvenience

If this sounds too good to be true, a quick search shows that much of the news has focused on how OfferPad aims at making selling a home convenient and stress-free. OfferPad leaped onto the national stage with their first press release announcing a $260M Series A funding transaction from Philadelphia-based LL Funds, as covered in ForbesPhoenix Business JournalWall Street Journal, and many others.

With consumers responding to this new way of selling homes, OfferPad is looking to expand into other markets. Today, it operates in several markets including Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Tampa, and Orlando – with plans to be national, with at least 30 cities, by the end of 2020.

OfferPad is a free, no-obligation, resource for homeowners. So if you’re just curious to see the price they offer, planning to sell in the next couple months, or needing to move in 10 days, all homeowners are welcome to submit a request at any time.

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